Apology for My Absence

Hello everyone, welcome and or welcome back to my blog.

I have been inactive as of lately and I apologize for that. I love to post about my life and I love giving advice. However, I have been inactive for the past month or so.

Reason why I have been inactive:

I was just finishing the school year, so I was studying for my exams.

I had started summer school the week after exams were done and I had to give that my whole attention since it was online and I needed to finish it at my own time.

Also, while I was completing summer school, I was also doing Sign Language courses, about an hour away from home, and the classes were from 9am-4pm for a week and sometimes the travel there and back were really lengthy and by the time I would get back home, I would have to start working on my summer school course in order to pass with a decent mark.

I apologize for being inactive, however, I am sure you can understand why I have been. I will have another post up as soon as I can.


Julie Nguyen – Just A Vietnamese Canadian Girl ❤


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